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Lake Garda Holidays

Holidays in Lake GardaBeautiful scenery, a mild climate all year round and a range of exciting activities make Lake Garda holidays extremely popular with holidaymakers from around the world. This picturesque region of northern Italy is sandwiched between Brescia and Verona, meaning the trappings of modern life are never far away. But for tourists who want to get a genuine flavour of Italian culture and everyday life, Lake Garda holidays offer natural beauty, exciting activities and relaxing serenity in abundance.

Family holidays at Lake Garda

Because the Lake Garda region is replete with excursions, activities, history and natural beauty it is ideal for families with a wide and varied selection of interests. For lovers of excitement and adrenaline-fuelled sports, the lake itself is the location of a number of water-based activities, including sailing, water skiing and kite surfing. The south shore of the lake is littered with quaint, historic settlements that have a wealth of ancient fortifications and buildings for those in search of the region’s rich history. Of particular interest is the resort of Bardolino – the perfect location for laid-back Lake Garda holidays. This old fishing village is located on the south east shore of the lake, and it features typically Italian architecture, style and charm. A picturesque lakeside path is perfect for gentle strolls in the sun, and the town’s famous Lakeside Market is home to a great many local traders. For young families, the huge theme park Gardaland is only a few miles along the south shore. However, one of the most serene and culturally rich areas for relaxing family holidays in Lake Garda is the town of Gargano. With its winding, medieval streets and opulent marina, the town is a living museum, filled with ancient architecture and an almost tangible sense of history.

Exciting activities to enjoy during Lake Garda holidays

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, formed over 5 million years ago through a combination of river erosion and glacial movement. The result is an area of great natural beauty that plays host to a selection of outdoor activities. Peddle boats can be rented on the lake itself, giving people a chance to see the quaint settlements of Lake Garda from a different vantage point. As well as a range of exciting water sports, visitors can also enjoy organised hiking trips through the Dolomite Mountains and the surrounding countryside. The stunning city of Sirmione is a particularly popular attraction during Lake Garda holidays, as it is the home of the Grotto of Catallus and a magnificent castle that dates back to the 13th century. Lake Garda holidays are also known for their spectacular shopping destinations, and the winding streets of the typically Italian town of Malcesine attract shoppers from around the world. Lake Garda holidays offer exciting excursions and attractions for all the family.

Essential information on Lake Garda

Lake Garda is located in the north of Italy, and at 50 kilometres long, it is the largest lake in Italy. The northern area of the lake is surrounded by Alpine mountain ranges, while the gentle, rolling hills of the south are where most of the regions towns, cities and attractions are included. Among the many natural and man-made attractions in the area are the sulphur springs, which are said to provide relief for people suffering with nasal and catarrhal afflictions. The weather in Lake Garda is unusually warm for a northern region of the Italian mainland – in part, due to the shelter provided by the magnificent Dolomite Mountains. This means that temperatures are pleasant throughout the year, so the region is a popular destination for winter breaks as well. The lake is blessed with a mix of accommodation options for all tastes and budgets. As well as some exclusive holiday resorts, hotels and bed and breakfasts, there are also a number of designated camping sites along the south shore.

A combination of natural beauty and a laid-back, classical Italian way of life attracts visitors from around the world to Lake Garda. Shopping, outdoor activities, exclusive restaurants and a myriad of historic buildings make the region one of the most beautiful and culturally rich in Europe.

Image: Heiner Seidl – Fotolia