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Family Holidays at Lake Garda

Family Holidays in Lake GardaThe sunny and temperate climate makes family holidays in Lake Garda ideal, especially for families with small children who can enjoy the wonderful weather in the area and the region’s great hospitality. A family holiday in the Lake Garda region offers a variety of safe activities for children and adults and the area’s easy Italian culture atmosphere and sense of community is pleasant and relaxing amidst temperate breezes and fragrant trees.

Planning Family Holidays at Lake Garda

Fragrant lemon trees blend with magnolias and olive trees in a traditional Italian landscape that will not disappoint your long-imagined splendour. The region offers the opportunity to sample the cuisine in its bustling towns, visit its tiny villages and enjoy a number of activities on the lake. Families will love the chance to cycle through the region and younger children will make the most of the local amusement parks. Gardaland is ideal for the littlest members of your group, who will devour the chance to play pirates and dinosaurs and at Caneva World older children can enjoy Movieland and Aquaparadise.

Italian Culture and Scenic Beauty at Lake Garda

On Lake Garda’s southern shore, the ancient village of Sirmione makes a fascinating day trip. Here the whole family can enjoy a tour of the Roman ruins and castle that once stood proudly on the site. The striking Monte Baldo can be reached by cable car for winter skiing or cycling, hiking or scenery appreciation during the summer months. Families who love to shop will not be disappointed by the retail fare in Lake Garda and there is plenty to enjoy in the form of quaint boutique stores and authentic street markets. A trip to nearby Verona offers the chance to enjoy Opera in true Italian style or a historically-oriented trip to Mantua or Brescia.

Perfect for holidays in the form of outdoor sports and activities Lake Garda offers a variety of activities to enjoy, both commercial and nature-inspired. The temperate Mediterranean climate in the region inspires the slower pace that overworked families need to truly recharge and pamper their bodies and minds.

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