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Lake Garda – Seasonal climates

Seasonal Climates of Lake GardaEnjoying an annual holiday in the majestic and adventure-oriented Lake Garda is easier when you have an idea of local weather conditions in the area. Understanding climatic conditions and the kind of weather to expect when you arrive makes planning activities, packing and creating an itinerary more streamlined and results in a stress-free holiday.

Seasonal Weather in the Lake Garda Region

The Lake Garda region enjoys a Mediterranean climate often referred to by locals and frequent visitors as “balmy”. If a balmy, temperate climate doesn’t strike your interest, you may enjoy the north-south breeze that blows in the area on most summer days. This keeps the region cool and creates the perfect climate for fun in the sun. May to September are the warmest months, with temperatures reaching the 30’s.

If you want to enjoy the windsurfing that the area is famous for, you’ll want to plan your holiday to take advantage of the windiest season in Lake Garda. The northern section of the lake offers reliable, plentiful winds which make the region ideal for this exhilarating sport. The wind is referred to as Peler or Vento and whisks its way through the valley early in the morning. The Southerly wind or Ora kicks up its heels around noon and luckily lasts a little longer, usually until around 6 p.m.

The Best Time to Visit Lake Garda

The wonderful weather in the Lake Garda region isn’t coincidental. The large lake and surrounding mountains act as an insulating panel, keeping the heat in. May, June and September are temperate months in the region and planning your holiday around this time, means you’ll experience the most stable weather the region offers. July and August are the hottest, driest months and perfect for water sports. It does rain at Lake Garda and if you’re planning a cosy vacation to sample scrumptious Italian food, catch up on your reading and sample some fine wine, then early spring and late autumn is the most enjoyable time to visit. The winter months are ideal for intense sports and wonderful lake views.

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