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Sights Around Lake Garda

Lae Garda is one of Italy's most scenic hotspotsA world-renowned site of natural beauty and tranquility, Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake. The lake itself is vaster than people often realise and this gives rise to its varying terrain, which offers everything from hills and cliffs to the north and beaches along the shore to the south. It is this natural variety that provides an abundance of sights and activities for its thousands of visitors each year.

With So Much to See At Lake Garda, Where to Start

To the north of Lake Garda stands the Dolomite Mountains, which are particularly striking. They are also very versatile; offering snow sports in winter and the perfect place for a scenic walk, cycle or drive in the summer.

Other recommended mountainside locations can be found between Limone and Gargnano. The roads up the side of the hill can be particularly steep and are not the most straightforward, but the drive to becoming one with nature is not a long one. With picturesque houses and cabins, surrounded by the beauty of nature ensure that the views at the end of the journey will make it all worthwhile.

If views are not your priority and being waterside is more your style, with over 25 miles of beaches, there are plenty of areas to choose from. Although a few sandy beaches can be found, for example at Lazise, most of the beaches are shingle, due to the terrain. This is by no means a negative, however, as the water is particularly beautiful in summer and the expanse it covers is simply remarkable.

For those who prefer exploring the history and heritage of the area, the Vittoriale Museum can be found two thirds of the way down the west coast and comes complete with libraries and archives, an Amphitheatre and a mausoleum. To the south of the lake, at the entrance of Sirmeone stands a 13th century castle, ‘The Scaliger’ whose tower is open to the public. Within this area the remains of the “Grotte di Catullo” villa can also be found. Built by Catullo, a Roman poet, the site somewhat reflects the romance of the area.

Not Just a Lake

The inherent beauty of the lake and its surroundings provide an idyllic setting for many an Italian-inspired activity. Whether you wish to get active, learn a little or simply take in the surroundings, with the sights around Lake Garda, it is easy to understand its appeal and why it is well worth a visit.

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