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The Communes of Lake Garda

Communes of Lake GardaThe beautiful Lake Garda touches three of the northernmost administrative regions in Italy. Trentino-Alto Garda, Veneto and Lomabardy are home to several of the most naturally beautiful communes of Lake Garda. They benefit from some stunning vistas, a varied selection of terrains and the typical Italian charm of old that so many tourists travel many miles to experience. A combination of breathtaking landscapes, classic architecture and an illustrious history makes the communes of Lake Garda the perfect location for a family holiday.

Trentino-Alto Adige

Trentino-Alto Adige and Südtirol are home to two beautiful communes that sit right on the shores of Lake Garda. Located in the northernmost reaches of Italy on the Austrian and Swiss borders, Trentino-Alto Adige forms an administrative region with Südtirol. Riva del Garda is situated on the relatively unspoilt north-west edge of the lake, and it stands in the shadow of the majestic Italian Alps. Among the many interesting attractions in the town is the Museo Civico, which is an impressive medieval fortress. Also nearby are the awe-inspiring Cascate del Varone Falls, which stand at a height of nearly 100 metres. Nago-Torbole is only a few miles away, located to the south of Trento. This small town and commune is a classic example of Italian charm, architecture and style, and it looks very pretty against the setting of the surrounding calcareous rocks. Among the many historic visitor attractions in the town is the Saint Andrea Church, which dates back to the 12th century. The region also has some stunning walks to enjoy, including the promenade at Torbole, the rocky Busatte Zone and the Penede Castle walk. Torbole’s location in the far North West of Lake Garda gives it year-round winds which make the area perfect for sailing and windsurfing.


The region of Veneto was once a nation in its own right – with Venice as its capital, and it has a culture and tradition all of its own. The eastern shores of Lake Garda are located in Veneto, and there are several picturesque Venetian communes in the area that enjoy a very laid-back lifestyle and areas of great beauty. Of all the communes of Lake Garda, Malcesine in the province of Verona is one of the most spectacular. The town nestles spectacularly against the slopes of Monte Baldo, and it has the honour of being the northernmost commune in the Veneto region of Lake Garda. One of the most popular attractions in the town is Monte Baldo itself, the summit of which can be reached via a breathtaking cable car ride. Also located in the province of Verona is another of the most beautiful communes of Lake Garda – Brenzone. This sleepy commune is ideal for people who want to leave the trappings of modern life behind during their travels, as its mainly residential nature hasn’t changed much during the last century. People looking for ancient streets and buildings to explore will find what they want in the pretty town of Garda. Only around 20 miles from the city of Verona, Garda’s old village is filled with narrow, winding streets that provide the perfect backdrop for long strolls in the Italian sun. Also located in the old village of Garda is the 16th-century Villa Albertini – a stunning Venetian palace. And a fantastic view across the village and lake can be enjoyed atop the famous Rock of Garda.


Lombardy is home to several of the picturesque communes of Lake Garda, including Tremosine, Manerba del Garda, Lonato and Desenzano del Garda, but few have the same historic importance as the town of Sirmione. Situated in the province of Brescia, this picturesque settlement is certainly one of the oldest communes of Lake Garda – with many historians of the belief that a human presence in the settlement can be traced back to between 5,000 and 6,000 years before the birth of Christ. This beautiful area is a popular spot with families, and its exclusive holiday homes make it one of the most prestigious communes in all of Italy. Among the many impressive attractions in the town are the Grotte di Catullo, the natural springs and the imposing Scaliger Castle. The town is also home to a prehistoric settlement which has UNESCO World Heritage status. Yet another medieval commune located in the province of Brescia is Padenghe sul Garda, which is renowned for its medieval castle and its countless ancient battlegrounds. Also located in this stunning region of Italy is San Felice del Benaco, which includes the lake’s largest island – Isola del Garda. The pretty and peaceful town is also known for being the home of the Madonna del Carmine Sanctuary, which is one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in the Lake Garda region.

The natural beauty, history and culture that abound throughout the Lake Garda district are almost unsurpassed in Italy, and they are the perfect holiday destination for people who like to experience genuine Italian culture.

Image: Roberta Bianchi – Fotolia